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The New Flesh Workshop exists to bridge the gaps between Art, Medicine, Life and Technology.

The New Flesh Workshop turns cutting edge science into the Science-Fiction that weíve wanted all along. High-end Human Hot-Rods, Custom Prosthetic and Orthotic modifications, Made to order Wearable Gadgets, Functional body-mods and PARTY ARMOR for extreme Lifestyles.

The NFW aids in allowing amputees to feel more connected to their prosthetic devices by making them into functional works of Art. Art is an outward expression of a personís heart and mind. The human body is our greatest tool and a physical manifestation of our soul. If prosthetic technologies are going to blossom then they must be an extension of a person both physically and Meta-physically.

Alongside broadening the scope of prosthetic technological endeavor, The NFW adapts the prosthetic fabrication techniques used to make high-quality, custom fit, durable, versatile wearable technologies to those without disabilities. Wearable Gadgets and PARTY ARMOR, are intended to keep vital tools close at hand and expand a personís opportunities for expression, exploration and fun.

Performers, Adventurers, and Extreme Sports enthusiast often engage in dangerous activities that conventional sports/body armor systems simply cannot cope with. By creating armor and technology that is tailored to the specific needs and personal style of the wearer, these extraordinary people can push the boundaries of human achievement to the breaking point.